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Kenko filter REALPRO ND8 77mm



Kenko filter REALPRO ND8 77mm

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The ND filter reduces the amount of light entering the lens, but does not affect the color intensity of the image. It allows you to shoot with a wide-open aperture even on a sunny day to achieve a shallow depth of field, thereby separating the subject from the background. The filter is useful, for example, when shooting a portrait in bright conditions using a camera with a shutter speed of less than 1 / 4,000sec to achieve a shallow depth of field, taking advantage of the fast lens.
True ND filters reduce the amount of light evenly to achieve the same density across all visible parts of the spectrum, resulting in no color shifts in the resulting image. Hence the name Neutral Density.

Why the ND filter is important
In the current era of exceptionally high sensitivity and high resolution photographic equipment, it is clear that the power of a giant sensor can easily be influenced by the lens and optical accessories that are placed directly on the light path entering the camera. In other words, the filter is the front gate for light entry into the camera and its quality is of utmost importance.
ND filters are almost a necessity for high-sensitivity ISO cameras starting from 200 or 100. That's why ND filters are now being given a high level of attention and high quality standards. Professional photographers require ND filters that reduce light in the most natural and harmless way.

When to use ND 4/8/16 filters
Kenko REALPRO ND 4/8/16 filters are the highest quality neutral filters designed for use with the latest highly sensitive DSLRs, allowing you to take shallow depth-of-field photos with a wide open aperture even on a sunny day and in bright conditions. Kenko REALPRO ND 4/8/16 filters are recommended to be used in portrait photography, video shooting and nature photography during sunny days to avoid overexposure and to achieve a shallow depth of field to separate the subject in the foreground from the background.

ND Vacuum Deposition Technology
To achieve the best neutrality of ND filters in the world, Kenko REALPRO ND filters use 4/8/16 vacuum deposition ND technology. The ND substance is evenly applied to the filter glass through a nozzle in a steam furnace. As a result, the REALPRO ND 4/8/16 filters have outstanding neutrality through all the visual light spectrum to ensure a stable image color balance.

IR pollution
ND Vacuum Deposition also solves the problem of IR contamination, where during a sunny day with lots of IR light, infrared pollution can cause color changes to black, green, or dark objects that can be displayed in brown or reddish tones for long exposures. Due to the exhaustive efforts of Kenko engineers, the vacuum deposition ND technology has gone through incredible advances in the desirable light transmittance neutrality and infrared component control, so there is no color shift.

Anti-reflective multi layer
Digital camera sensors are usually much more sensitive than film. Light can affect the image and create unwanted effects due to the refraction of light in the lens. Filters, because they are also optical elements, can make things worse. Therefore, the filters need an anti-reflective layer. Kenko REALPRO ND 4/8/16 filters are equipped with an anti-reflective multi layer to remove any unwanted glare and ghosts in the image.

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