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Dell Adapter / Power Adapter for HP 19.5V 3.33A - original



Dell Adapter / Power Adapter for HP 19.5V 3.33A

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Type: OZ / HP195333

Input: AC 100-240V
Output: 19.5V 3.33A
Power: 65W
Connector: Outer diameter 7.4 mm, Inner diameter 5.0 mm, Length 12 mm, PIN
Dimensions 113 x 55 x 30 mm
Weight 274 g

Compatible with:


series 250 G4

Series 251 G4

series 252 G4

the Envy series
13-D010NW, 15-AE100NW, 15-AE120NW, 17-P1000NW,

Pavilion series
14-N00TT, 14-N00XTX, 14-N00TT, 14-N00XXX, 14-N025TX, 14- N03XXX SERIES, 15-AB061NW, 15-AB081NW, 15-AB083NW, 15-AB250NW, 15-E000EIA, 15-E000SI, 15-E000SIA, 15-E000S , 15-E002SE, 15-E002SIA, 15-E002SR, 15-E003AX, 15-E003EP, 15-E003SH, 15-E003SP, 15-E003SL, 15 -E004SR, 15-E005AX, 15-E005SR, 15-E005SV, 15-E005SX, 15-E006AU, 15-E006AX, 15-E006EA, 15-E006SG , 15-E007TU, 15-E008EA, 15-E008EE, 15-E008SC, 15-E008SE, 15-E008SR, 15-E008SV, 15-E008TU, 15-E009AU -E009TU, 15-E00XXX, 15-E010AX, 15-E010SA, 15-E010S, 15-E010SZ, 15-E010US, 15-E011EIA, 15-E011SIA, 15-E011SR, 15-E011SX, 15-E012NR, 15-E012SA , 15-E013AX, 15-E013NR, 15-E013SA, 15-E014NR, 15-E014SO, 15-E015EIA, 15-E015NR, 15-E015SIA, 15-E017AU, 15-E017AX, 15-E018AX, 15-E018LA, 15 -E018NR, 15-E018SX, 15- E019AX, 15-E019SX, 15-E01XXX, 15-E020NR, 15-E020SX, 15-E020US, 15-E021EL, 15- 15-E024TU, 15-E025SX, 15-E025TU, 15-E026SR, 15-E026SX, 15-E026TX, 15- E02XXX SERIES, 15-E030EA, 15-E030SC, 15-E030S, 15-E030SZ, 15-E031SS, 15-E033CA, 15-E033SS, 15-E033SX, 15-E035SX, 15-E036SC , 15-E038SX, 15-E039SC, 15-E039TX, 15-E040CA, 15-E040S, 15-E041CA, 15-E041TX, 15-E042SF, 15 - E045SX, 15-E045TX, 15-E046TX, 15-E047SX, 15-E049SF, 15-E050SF, 15-E051SX, 15-E051SX, 15-E051SX , 15-E052SR, 15-E052SV, 15-E053CA, 15-E053SA, 15-E053SR, 15-E054SE, 15-E054ST, 15-E055EIA, 15-E055SE, 15-E055SIA, 15 -E055SX, 15-E056SO, 15-E056SR, 15-E056ST, 15-E057SC, 15-E057SR, 15-E057ST, 15-E058SIA, 15-E058SO, 15-E058SR, 15-E058SX, 15-E059SE, 15-E059SR , 15-E060EE, 15-E060EIA, 15-E060S, 15-E060SR, 15-E060SR, 15-E060SR, 15-E061SR, 15- E068SE, 15-E068SE, 15-E071NR, 15-E071SE, 15-E072SE, 15-E072SE, 15- 15-E077SE, 15-E077SG, 15-E078SE, 15-E079EE, 15-E079SE, 15- E083SE, 15-E084SE, 15-E086EE, 15-E086SE, 15-E086EE, 15- 15-N011TX, 15-N011TX, 15-N011TX, 15-N011TX, 15-N011TX, 15-E089E, 15- N012TU, 15-N012TX, 15-N013TX, 15-N012TX, 15-N018TX, 15-N018TX, 15- 15-N022TX, 15-N02XXX SERIES, 15-N065SA, 15-N083SA, 15-R100NW, 15Z-

Pavilion Gaming series

Pavilion x360 series
11-K114NW, 13-A211NW,

Stream series
13-C000NW, 13-C003NW, 13-C010NW,

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