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Power adapter / power supply for HP 18.5V 6.5A (5.5 x 2.5)



Power adapter / power supply for HP 18.5V 6.5A (5.5 x 2.5)

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New, replacement power supply of the Movano brand with CE quality certificate, ROHS designed for HP notebooks.
OUTPUT values: 18.5 V, 6.5 A (120 W)
Connector size: Outer diameter 5.5 mm, Inner diameter 2.5 mm, length 12 mm
This is a suitable alternative for your non-functional, original adapter.
Movano adapters are designed for the given types of notebook and fully replace the original adapters.
The adapter is equipped with a ferrite filter and high quality protection against overvoltage, overheating, overload and puncture. The power cord is included.

Input: AC 100-240V
Output: 18.5V 6.5A
Power: 120W
Connector: Outer diameter 5.5 mm, Inner diameter 2.5 mm, length 12 mm
Dimensions: 164.00 x 63.50 x 41.00 mm
Protection against: overvoltage, overheating, overload and puncture

Compatible with:

Presario series
3000, 3000US, 3000XX, 3005, 3005US, 3008CL, 3015, 3015CA, 3015US, 3016US, 3017, 3017CL, 3018CL, 3019CL, 3020US, 3028CL, 3045, 3045US, 3050, 3050US, 3070US, 3077WM, 3080, 3080US, R3100, R3200, R3300, R3400, ZT3068, ZT3068CL,

Business Notebook series
NX9500, NX9500A,

Pavilion series
NX9500, ZD7000, ZD7000A, ZD7001EA, ZD7001US, ZD7005EA, ZD7005QV, ZD7005US, ZD7009EA, ZD7010, ZD7010EA, ZD7010QV, ZD7010US, ZD7012EA, ZD7015EA, ZD7015US, ZD7020, ZD7020EA, ZD703530, ZD703530, ZD7040US, ZD7045EA, ZD7048CL, ZD7049EA, ZD7050EA, ZD7050US, ZD7058CL, ZD7060EA, ZD7063EA, ZD7065EA, ZD7066EA, ZD7070EA, ZD7080EA, ZD7100, ZD7101 N, ZD7101US, ZD7102US, ZD7112EA, ZD7171EA, ZDEA1212, ZD7 , ZD7143EA, ZD7144EA, ZD7145EA, ZD7160US, ZD7168CL, ZD7168EA, ZD7169EA, ZD7170EA, ZD7180US, ZD7188CL, ZD7198CL, ZD7200 C, ZD7202US, ZD7230US, ZD7249CL, ZD7256EA, ZD7260US, ZD7237CL, ZD727CL, ZD727CL ZD7389CL, ZD7998US, ZD7999US, ZE4000, ZV5000, ZV5000T, ZV5000Z, ZV5001AP, ZV5001US, ZV5001XX, ZV5002, ZV5002AP, ZV5003AP, ZV5004AP, ZV5005AP, ZV5006AP, ZV5007AP, ZV5008AP, ZV5009AP, ZV5010AP, ZV5011AP, ZV5012AP, ZV5013AP, ZV5014AP, ZV5014EA. ZV5015AP, ZV5015EA, ZV5016AP, Z V5016EA, ZV5017AP, ZV5018AP, ZV5019AP, ZV5020US, ZV5021AP, ZV5022AP, ZV5023AP, ZV5024AP, ZV5025AP, ZV5026AP, ZV5027AP, ZV5028AP, ZV5029AP, ZV5030US, ZV5034US, ZV5037WM, ZV5040EA, ZV5045EA, ZV5101AP, ZV5101US, ZV5102AP, ZV5103, ZV5103AP, ZV5105US. ZV5112EA, ZV5114EA, ZV5116EA, ZV5117EA, ZV5118EA, ZV5119EA, ZV5120US, ZV5121EA, ZV5122EA, ZV5123EA, ZV5124EA, ZV5125EA, ZV5126EA, ZV5128EA, ZV5129CL, ZV5129EA, ZV5131EA, ZV5132EA, ZV5133EA, ZV5134EA, ZV5136EA, ZV5137EA, ZV5138EA, ZV5139, ZV5140EA. ZV5141EA, ZV5142EA, ZV5142QV, ZV5143EA, ZV5149EA, ZV5150EA, ZV5151EA, ZV5157EA, ZV5159EA, ZV5160EA, ZV5160US, ZV5161EA, ZV5166EA, ZV5167EA, ZV5168EA, ZV5169CL, ZV5169EA, ZV5171EA, ZV5172EA, ZV5173EA, ZV5175EA, ZV5176EA, ZV5177EA, ZV5178EA, ZV5179EA. ZV5180EA, ZV5183EA, ZV5185EA, ZV5187EA, ZV5188EA, ZV5191EA, ZV5200, ZV5201, ZV5201US, ZV5202US, ZV5203AP, ZV5205AP, ZV5206AP, ZV5210AP, ZV5210US, ZV5211AP, ZV5214AP, ZV5215AP, ZV5216AP, ZV5217AP, ZV5220US, ZV5227WM, ZV5229CL, ZV5230US, ZV5235US. ZV5240US, ZV5240XX, ZV5242QV, ZV5247LA, ZV5255US, ZV5260US, ZV5270US, ZV5310US, ZV5315EA, ZV5316US, ZV5320US, ZV5325CA, ZV5326US, ZV5330US, ZV5340EA, ZV5340US, ZV5342QV, ZV5343US, ZV5346US, ZV5347WM, ZV5348RS, ZV5356US, ZV5360US, ZV5367WM, ZV5370US, ZV5380US. ZV5386US, ZV5400, ZV5400T, ZV5401AP, ZV5402AP, ZV5403AP, ZV5404AP, ZV5404US, ZV5405AP, ZV5405US, ZV5406AP, ZV5410US, ZV5415CA, ZV5420CA, ZV5420US, ZV5430US, ZV5434RS, ZV5440US, ZV5445US, ZV5450US, ZV5454RS, ZV5455US, ZV5456CL, ZV5460US, ZV5466CL, ZV5470US, ZV5476CL, ZX5000, ZX5001, ZX5001US, ZX5002, ZX5002EA, ZX5003EA, ZX5005EA, ZX5008EA, ZX5010EA, ZX5011EA, ZX5012EA, ZX5020EA, ZX5022EA, ZX5030EA, ZX5035EA, ZX5037EA, ZX5038EA, ZX5039EA, ZX5040EA, ZX5040US, ZX5041EA, ZX5043EA, ZX5044EA, ZX5045EA, ZX5049EA, ZX5051EA, ZX5052EA, ZX5060US, ZX5065US, ZX5070US, ZX5078CL, ZX5109EA, ZX5113EA, ZX5128EA, ZX5129EA, ZX5151EA, ZX5170EA, ZX5180US, ZXX

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