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Asus, Lenovo, Msi, Toshiba 19V 3.42A (5.5 x 2.5) Power Adapter View larger

Asus, Lenovo, Msi, Toshiba 19V 3.42A (5.5 x 2.5) Power Adapter



Asus, Lenovo, Msi, Toshiba 19V 3.42A (5.5 x 2.5) Power Adapter

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New, Movano replacement source with CE certificate, ROHS for Asus, Lenovo, MSI, Toshiba, etc.

Output Adapter Output (OUTPUT): 19 V, 3.42 A (65 W)

Connector Size: Outer Diameter 5.5 mm, Inner Diameter 2.5 mm, Length 12 mm

This is a good alternative for your idle, original adapter.
Movano adapters are designed for the specific types of notebooks and fully replace original adapters.
The adapter is equipped with a ferrite filter and provides high quality overvoltage, overheating, overload and overflow. The power cord is included.

Input: AC 100-240V
Output: 19V 3.42A
Power: 65W
Connector: Outer diameter 5.5 mm, Inner diameter 2.5 mm, Length 12 mm

Compatible with:


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L645D-S4029, L645D-S4030, L645D-S4033, L645D-S4036, L645D-S4037, L645D-S4037BN, L645D-S4037RD, L645D-S4037WH, L645D-S4040, L645D-S4050, L645D-S4050BN, L645D-S4050GY, L645D-S4050RD, L645D-S4050WH, L645D-S4052, L645D-S4053, L645D-S4056, L645D-S4058, L645D-S4058BN, L645D-S4058RD, L645D-S4058WH, L645D-S4100, L645D-S4100BN, L645D-S4100GY, L645D-S4100RD, L645D-S4100WH, L645D-S4106, L645D-S4106BN, L645D-S4106RD, L645D-S4106WH, L655-S5058, L655-S5059, L655-S5060, L655-S5061, L655-S5062, L655-S5065, L655-S5065BN, L655-S5065RD, L655-S5065WH, L655-S5069, L655-S5071, L655-S5072, L655-S5075, L655-S5078, L655-S5078BN, L655-S5078RD, L655-S5078WH, L655-S5083, L655-S5096, L655-S5097, L655-S5098, L655-S5098BN, L655-S5098RD, L655-S5098WH, L655-S5099, L655-S5100, L655-S5100BK, L655-S5100BN, L655-S5100RD, L655-S5100WH, L655-S5101, L655-S5103, L655-S5105, L655-S5106, L655-S5106BN, L655-S5106RD, L655-S5106WH, L655-S5107, L655-S5108, L655-S5111, L655-S5112, L655-S51121, L655-S51122, L655-S5112BN, L655-S5112RD, L655-S5112WH, L655-S5114, L655-S5115, L655-S5117, L655-S5146, L655-S5147, L655-S5149, L655-S5149WH, L655-S5150, L655-S5153, L655-S5154, L655-S5155, L655-S5156, L655-S5156BN, L655-S5156RD, L655-S5156WH, L655-S5157, L655-S5158, L655-S5160, L655-S5161BNX, L655-S5161RDX, L655-S5161WHX, L655-S5161X, L655-S5162X, L655-S5163, L655-S5165, L655-S5166BNX, L655-S5166RDX, L655-S5166WHX, L655-S5166X, L655-S5167X, L655-S5168, L655-S5188, L655-S5191, L655-S5198, L655D-S5050, L655D-S5055, L655D-S5066, L655D-S5066BN, L655D-S5066RD, L655D-S5066WH, L655D-S5067, L655D-S5076, L655D-S5076BN, L655D-S5076RD, L655D-S5076WH, L655D-S5093, L655D-S5094, L655D-S5095, L655D-S5102, L655D-S5102BN, L655D-S5102RD, L655D-S5102WH, L655D-S5109, L655D-S5110, L655D-S5110BN, L655D-S5110RD, L655D-S5110WH, L655D-S5116, L655D-S5145, L655D-S5148, L655D-S5152, L655D-S5159, L655D-S5159BN, L655D-S5159RD, L655D-S5159WH, L655D-S5164, L655D-S5164BN, L655D-S5164RD, L655D-S5164WH, L670-ST2N01, L670-ST3NX2, L670D-ST2N01, L670D-ST2N02, L670D-ST2N03, L670D-ST2N04, L675-S7018, L675-S7020, L675-S7044, L675-S7048, L675-S7051, L675-S7062, L675-S7108, L675-S7109, L675-S7110, L675-S7112, L675-S7113, L675-S7115, L675D-S7013, L675D-S7014, L675D-S7015, L675D-S7016, L675D-S7017, L675D-S7019, L675D-S7022, L675D-S7040, L675D-S7040GY, L675D-S7042, L675D-S7046, L675D-S7049, L675D-S7052, L675D-S7053, L675D-S7060, L675D-S7100, L675D-S7102, L675D-S7102GY, L675D-S7103, L675D-S7104, L675D-S7105, L675D-S7106, L675D-S7107, L675D-S7111, L730-ST4N01, L730-ST5N01, L735-S3210, L735-S3210BN, L735-S3210RD, L735-S3210WH, L735-S3220, L735-S3220RD, L735-S3221, L735-S3350, L735-S3370, L735-S3375, L735D-S3300, L740-ST4N02, L740-ST5N02, L740-ST6N01, L745-S4210, L745-S4235, L745-S4302, L745-S4310, L745-S4355, L745D-S4214, L745D-S4220, L745D-S4220BN, L745D-S4220GR, L745D-S4220RD, L745D-S4220WH, L745D-S4230, L745D-S4350, L745D-S4350WH, L750-ST4N02, L750-ST4NX1, L750-ST5N02, L750-ST5NX2, L750D-ST4N01, L750D-ST5NX1, L755-S5213, L755-S5214, L755-S5216, L755-S5239, L755-S5242, L755-S5242BN, L755-S5242GR, L755-S5242RD, L755-S5242WH, L755-S5244, L755-S5245, L755-S5246, L755-S5247, L755-S5248, L755-S5249, L755-S5252, L755-S5253, L755-S5254, L755-S5255, L755-S5256, L755-S5257, L755-S5258, L755-S5271, L755-S5275, L755-S5280, L755-S5281, L755-S5282, L755-S5306, L755-S5308, L755-S5311, L755-S5349, L755-S5350, L755-S5351, L755-S5353, L755-S5354, L755-S5355, L755-S5356, L755-S5357, L755-S5358, L755-S5360, L755-S5362, L755-S5364, L755-S5365, L755-S5367, L755-S5368, L755D-S5204, L755D-S5218, L755D-S5227, L755D-S5241, L755D-S5250, L755D-S5251, L755D-S5279, L755D-S5347, L755D-S5348, L755D-S5359, L755D-S5361, L755D-S5363, L770-ST4NX1, L770-ST5NX2, L770D-ST4N01, L770D-ST5NX1, L775-S7105, L775-S7240, L775-S7241, L775-S7243, L775-S7245, L775-S7248, L775-S7250, L775-S7307, L775-S7309, L775-S7350, L775-S7352, L775-S7355, L775D-S7206, L775D-S7210, L775D-S7220, L775D-S7222, L775D-S7223, L775D-S7226, L775D-S7228, L775D-S7304, L775D-S7305, L775D-S7330, L775D-S7332, L775D-S7340, L775D-S7345, M30X-1593, M30X-214, M30X-40, M30X-60, M30X-80, M30X-S114, M30X-S1592, M30X-S171, M30X-S181, M30X-S191, M30X-S221, M30X-S234, M30X-SP114, M35X-114, M35X-149, M35X-S109, M35X-S111, M35X-S1141, M35X-S1142, M35X-S1143, M35X-S1492, M35X-S161, M35X-S163, M35X-S1631, M35X-S309, M35X-S311, M35X-S3111, M35X-S3112, M35X-S329, M35X-S3291, M35X-S349, M35X-S3491, M35X-SP114, M35X-SP161, M35X-SP171, M35X-SP181, M35X-SP311, M40-294, M40-295, M45-S165, M45-S1651, M45-S1681, M45-S169, M500-ST5401, M500-ST5405, M500-ST5408, M500-ST54X1, M505-S4020, M505-S4022, M505-S4972, M505-S4975, M505-S4980, M505-S4982, M505-S4985-T, M505D-S4000, M505D-S4000RD, M505D-S4000WH, M505D-S4970, M505D-S4970RD, M505D-S4970WH, M55-S139, M55-S1391, M55-S141, M640-ST2N01, M640-ST2N02, M640-ST2N03, M640-ST2NX1, M640-ST3N01X, P740-ST4N01, P740-ST5GX1, P740-ST5N01, P745-S4217, P745-S4250, P745-S4320, P745-S4360, P745-S4380, P745D-S4240, R845-S80, R845-S85, R845-ST5N01, T115-S1100, T115-S1105, T115-S1108, T115D-S1120, T115D-S1120RD, T115D-S1121, T115D-S1125, T115D-S1125RD, T135-S1300, T135-S1300RD, T135-S1300WH, T135-S1305, T135-S1305RD, T135-S1305WH, T135-S1307, T135-S1309, T135-S1310, T135-S1310RD, T135-S1310WH, T135-S1312, T135D-S1320, T135D-S1322, T135D-S1324, T135D-S1325, T135D-S1325RD, T135D-S1325WH, T135D-S1326, T135D-S1327, T235-S1350, T235-S1350RD, T235-S1350WH, T235-S1352, T235-S1370, T235-S1370RD, T235-S1370WH, T235D-S1340, T235D-S1340RD, T235D-S1340WH, T235D-S1345, T235D-S1345RD, T235D-S1345WH, T235D-S1360, T235D-S1360RD, T235D-S1360WH,

série Satellite Pro

C650, C650-EZ1512, C650-EZ1513, C650-EZ1521, C650-EZ1523, C650-EZ1524, C650-EZ1533, C650-EZ1540, C650-EZ1550, C650-EZ1551, C650-EZ1560, C650-EZ1561, C650-Z2510T, L350-S1701, L450-EZ1510, L450-EZ1522, L450-EZ1541, L450-EZ1542, L450-EZ1543, L630-EZ1312, L640-EZ1410, L640-EZ1411, L640-EZ1412, L670-EZ1710, L670-EZ1712, L740-EZ1413, L770-EZ1710, T110-EZ1110, T110-EZ1120, U400-113, U400-17G, U400-21E, U500-EZ1311, U500-EZ1321, U500-S1322,

série Tecra

R840-S8410, R840-S8411, R840-S8412, R840-S8413, R840-S8420, R840-S8422, R840-S8430, R840-S8440, R840-S8450,

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