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Power adapter / power supply for Toshiba 19V 2.37A (4.0 x 1.7)



Power adapter / power supply for Toshiba 19V 2.37A (4.0 x 1.7)

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New, replacement Movano brand adapter with CE quality certificate, ROHS designed for Toshiba laptops.
Output adapter values ​​(OUTPUT): 19V 2.37A
Connector size: Outer diameter 4.0 mm, Inner diameter 1.7 mm, length 10 mm
This is a suitable alternative for your non-functional, original adapter.
Movano adapters are designed for the given types of notebook and fully replace the original adapters.
The adapter is equipped with a ferrite filter and high quality protection against overvoltage, overheating, overload and puncture. The power cord is included.

Input: AC 100-240V
Output: 19V 2.37A
Power: 45W
Connector: Outer diameter 4.0 mm, Inner diameter 1.7 mm, length 10 mm
Protection against: overvoltage, overheating, overload and puncture

Compatible with:

Chromebook series
CB30, CB30-102, CB30-A1985, CB30-A3120, CB30-B, CB30-B-00F, CB30-B-00K, CB30-B-103, CB30-B-104, CB30-B007, CB30-B009, CB30-B1738, CB30-B3121, CB30-B3122, CB30-B3123, CB30-C-00C, CB35, CB35-B, CB35-B3330, CB35-B3340, CB35-C3300, CB35-C3350,

Click series
L30W, L35W, L35W-B3204, P30W, P35W, P35W-B3220, P35W-B3226,

Portege series
WT20, WT20-B2100, Z10T, Z10T-A, Z10T-A-001, Z10T-A-003, Z10T-A-005, Z10T-A-102, Z10T-A-103, Z10T-A-104, Z10T- A-106, Z10T-A-10H, Z10T-A-10M, Z10T-A-111, Z10T-A-112, Z10T-A-119, Z10T-A-11Q, Z10T-A-11Z, Z10T-A- 122, Z10T-A-12J, Z10T-A-12N, Z10T-A1110, Z10T-A1111, Z15T, Z20T, Z20T-B-10H, Z20T-B211, Z20T-B2110, Z20T-B2111, Z20T-B2112, Z20T- C-121,

Radius series
12, 12 P25W, 12.5 "2-IN-1, P25W, P25W-C, P25W-C2300-4K, P25W-C2302, P25W-C2304-4K,

Satellite series
C55D-A-12K, C70D-A-108, C70D-A-10C, NB15-A, NB15T-A, U920T, U920T-00E, U920T-00X, U920T-01G, U920T-028, U920T-100, U920T- 101, U920T-102, U920T-104, U920T-107, U920T-108, U920T-109, U920T-10F, U920T-10G, U920T-10H, U920T-10J, U920T-10K, U920T-10L, U920T-10M, U920T-10N, U920T-10P, U920T-10Q, U920T-10T, U920T-10V, U920T-10W, U920T-10Z, U920T-116, U920T-117, U920T-118, U920T-119, U920T-11C, U920T- 11D, U920T-11E, U920T-11F, U920T-11G, U920T-11H, U920T-11J, U920T-11N, U920T / 00S, U920T / 023, U920T / Q001, U925T, U925T-S2120, U925T-S21, S2300, U925T-S2301, W30T, W35DT, W35DT-A3300, W35DT-ASP4302, W35DT-AST2N01, W35T, WT310, WT420,

Thrive series
AT100, AT105, AT105-T1016, AT105-T108S, AT105-T1116.

  • Asked by a guest
    on 12/24/2020
    dobrý den, je tento adaptér kompatibilní s notebookem Toshiba satelite C70D -A- 111 , DĚKUJI ZA ODPOVĚD Answer:
    Dobrý den, tento adaptér je kompatibilní s Toshiba C70D-A-111.

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