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Cable adapter - Asus, Toshiba, Fujitsu 130W (5.5x2.5)



Cable adapter - Asus, Toshiba, Fujitsu 130W (5.5x2.5)

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Type: DC-LIT1971

The outer diameter of 5.5 mm
Inner diameter 2.5 mm
Length: 12 mm
Length: 140 cm

Compatible with:


seria Aspire
1500 1500LCE, 1500LCi, 1500L, 1501, 1501LCE, 1501LCi, 1501LMi, 1502, 1502LCE, 1502LM, 1502LMi, 1510, 1510LC, 1510LM, 1510LMi, 1511, 1511LC, 1511LCE, 1511LCi, 1511LM, 1511LMi, 1512, 1512LMi, 1513, 1513LM, 1513LMi, 1514, 1514LMi, 1520, 1520LMi, 1521, 1521LCi, 1521LMi, 1522, 1522LC, 1522LMi, 1522WLM, 1522WLMi, 1523, 1523LMi, 1523WLM, 1523WLMi, 1524, 1524LMi, 1524WLM, 1524WLMi, 1600, 1601, 1601LC, 1602LC, 1602LM, 1603ELC, 1603ELM, 1603LC, 1603LCE, 1604LC, 1604LM, 1605DLC, 1605LC, 1605LM, 1606LC, 1606LM, 1610, 1610LM, 1612, 1612LM, 1612LMI, 1613, 1613LC, 1613LM, 1615LMi, 1620, 1620LC, 1620LMI, 1621, 1621LC, 1621LM, 1621LMi, 1622LC, 1622LM, 1622LMi, 1622WLM, 1622WLMi, 1660, 1664, 1664LM, 1664LMI, 1664WLCi, 1664WLM, 1664WLMi, 1670, 1670WLMi, 1671LC, 1671LM, 1671LMi, 1671WLC, 1671WLM, 1671WLMi, 1672LM, 1672LMi, 1672WLCi, 1672WLM, 1672WLMi, 1673, 1673LMi, 1673WLM, 1673WLMi, 1674, 1674WLM, 1674WLMi, 9810, 9813WKMi, 9814WKMi, 9920

TravelMate series
2000, 2100, 2200, 240, 250, 2500, 2600, 2700, 3000


A2D, A2Dc, A2G, A2H, A2K, A2s A2T, A4G, A4K, A4L, A7K, A7M, A7Mb, A7Mc, A7S, A7Sn, A7Sv, A7T, A7Tb, A7Tc, A7U, G2K, G2P, G2Pb, G2Pc, G2S, G2Sg, G2Sv, G50G, G50V, G50Vt, G51J, G51Jx, G51VX, G53Sx, G60J, G60Jx, G60Vx, G70V, G71V, G72Gx, G73Jh, L5C, N53Sv, N56vm, N71Jq, N71Vn, N73Jq, N73Sm, N73Sv, NX90Jn, NX90Jq, NX90Sn, R500vm, VX5

seria Presario
R3000, R3000 (AMD), R3000 (Intel), r3000t, r3000xx, r3000z, R3001, R3001AP, R3001US, R3002, R3002AP, R3003AP, R3003US, R3003XX, r3004ap, r3004us, R3004XX, R3005AP, R3006AP, R3007AP, R3008AP, R3009AP, R3010AP, R3010EA, R3011AP, R3012AP, R3013AP, R3014AP, R3015AP, R3016AP, R3017AP, R3018AP, R3019AP, R3021AP, R3022AP, R3023AP, R3024AP, R3030EA, r3030us, R3038CL, R3039EA, R3040EA, R3050EA, r3050us, r3056rs, R3057EA, R3060EA, r3060us, R3065US, r3070us, R3101AP, R3103, R3111EA, R3112EA, R3113EA, R3114EA, R3116EA, R3117EA, r3120ca, r3120us, R3128RS, R3136EA, R3137EA, R3138EA, r3140ca, r3140us, R3145EA, R3150US, R3158EA, r3160us, r3190ea, r3190us, r3200, R3201AP, R3201XX, R3202US, R3202XX, R3203, r3203us, R3204AP, r3204us, R3205US, R3207AP, R3208AP, R3209AP, R3210, R3210AP, r3210us, R3213AP, R3214AP, R3215CA, R3220US, R3230US, r3240us, R3247US, R3249EA, r3260us, R3275US, R3290US, r3300, R3306US, R3310EA, R3310US, r3320us, R3340US, R3355EA, r3360us, R3370us, R3396US, R3399CL, R3400 C, R3405US, R3410CA, R3410US, R3415US, R3425US, R3430US, R3440US, R3460US, R3470CA, R3470US


seria Amilo / Amilo Pro
A1667G, A3367G (from the Mobile AMD Athlon64), A7620, A8620, D7830, D8830, L6820, L6825, L7820, M3438G, M4438G, Pi1510, Xa3530, Xi1526, Xi1546, Xi1547, Xi1554, Xi2550

seria Celsius
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seria Lifebook


Hummer 5600

seria Business Notebook
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seria Pavilion
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ECO series

seria M-Book
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FX620DX (CPU i7), GE60, GE620 (CPU i7) GE620DX, GE70, GE700, GR620, GT640, GX640, GX660, GX680, GX723, GX740
Packard Bell

seria EasyNote

seria iPower


seria Qosmio
F755-3D290, F755-3D320, F755-3D350, F755-S5219

seria Satellite
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seria Satellite Pro
A200-1MH, A200-1MZ, A200-1NB, A200-1SS, A200-1T2, A200-1T5, A200-1VB, A200-20J, A200-20K, A200-20L, A200-20M, A200-20N, A200- 20O, A300-15T, A300-15V, A300-15W, A300-15X, A300-1BP, A300-23N, P300-21R

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