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Mitsu Battery for Asus A550E, K550E



Mitsu Battery for Asus A550E, K550E

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Type: BC / AS-X550E

New, replacement Mitsu battery for selected Asus notebooks.
This is a good alternative to your non-functioning, original battery.
The Mitsu batteries are designed for your notebook and fully replace original batteries.
The reliability of Mitsu Battery is evidenced by the certificates obtained: CE, FCC, ROHS, which guarantee high quality and low failures.
The battery is equipped with deep discharge and overcharge protection.

Condition: new
Capacity: 2200 mAh (33Wh)
Voltage: 14.8 Volt
Number of cells: 4 Li-Ion cells
Article tag: Tianneng
Dimensions: 270.00 x 27.00 x 19.00 mm
Weight: 199 g
Security against: overvoltage, overheating, short circuit, overload, deep discharge and overcharging

Compatible with:

0B110-00220000, 0B110-00220100, 0B110-00220200, 450JFA, 450V, A450E, A450E1007CC-SL, A450E3217CC-SL, A450E3337CC-SL, A450E42JF-SL A450JF, A550DP5750, A750J, A750JA, A750JB, A750L, D450E42JF-SL, F450E47JF-SL, F450J, F450JF, F550D, F550DP, F550DP-XX008H, F550DP- F550DP-XX088H, F750J, F750JB, F750JB, F750J, F750J, F750J, F750J, K750J, K750J, K750J, K750J, K750J, K750J, K750J K750JB, K751LN, K751LN, K751LN, K751LN4210, K751LJ5240, P750LB, R510DP, R510DP-XX135D, R710JV, R751J-TY016H, R751JB, R751LB, R751LB-T4021H, R751LN-T4091H, R751LN-T4059H, R751LN-T4059H, R751LN-T0405H, R751LN-TY095H, R751LN-TY095H, R751LN-TY160H, R751LN-T050H R752LAV-TY280, R752LAV-TY359H, R752LAV-TY3 R752LB-TY080H, R752LB-TY050T, R752LB-TY080T, R752LB-TY080T, R752LB-TY080T, R752LB-TY080T, R752LB-TY080T, R752LB-TY080T, R752LB-TY080T R752LD-TY047H, R752LD-TY092H, R752LD-TY109H, R752LDV-T6251H, R752LDV-T6251H, R752LDV-T6256H, R752LDV-T1620H, R752LDV-TY148H, R752LDV-TY149H R752LDV-TY247H, R752LDV-TY287H, R752LDV-TY287H, R752LJ-TY097H, R752LJ-TY097H, R752LJ-TY147H, R752LJ-TY142H, R752LJ-TY148H R752LK-T4147H, R752LN-TY407H, R752LN-TY407H, R752LN-TY407H, R752LN-TY407H, R752LX-T4070H, R752LX-T4070H, R752LX-T4070H, R752LX-T4070T, R752LX-T4070H R752LX-T4078H, R752LX-TY050H, R752LX-TY056H, R752LX-TY056H, R752LX-TY056H, R752LX-TY166H, R752LX-TY166H, R752LX-TY065H, R752MA-TY286H, R752MA-TY306T, X450E3337CC, X450J, X450JB, X450JF, X450JN, X450 X540L, X540L, X540L, X540L, X550L, X550L, X550L, X550L, X550L, X550L, X550L, X550L, X750JB, X750JB, X750JB, X750JB, X750JB, X750JB, X750JB, X750JB, X750LB-TY006H, X750LN, X750LN, X750LN, X750LN, X750LN, X750LN, X751LA, X751LA, X751LA, X751LA, X751LA, X751LA, X751LA, X751LA, X751LA, X751LA TY027H, X751LAV-TY053H, X751LAV-TY055H, X751LAV-TY055H, X751LAV-TY105H, X751LAV-TY115H, X751LAV-TY265H, X751LAV-TY265H, X751LAV-TY313H BE, X751LAV-TY350H, X751LAV-TY390H, X751LAV-TY432T, X751LAV-TY467T, X751LAV-TY467T, X751LAV-TY467T, X751LAV-TY467T, X751LAV-TY467T X751LD-TY003H, X751LD-TY003H, X751LD-TY003H, X751LD-TY029H, X751LD-TY030H, X751LD-TY030H, X751LD-TY033H, X751LD-TY033H, X751LD-TY033H X751LD-TY039H, X751LD-TY049H, X751LD-TY050H, X751LD-TY052H, X751LD-TY059H, X751LD-TY060H, X751LD-TY070H, X751LD-TY070H, X751LD-TY070H, X751LD-TY070H, X751LD-TY070H, X751LD-TY070H, X751LD-TY070H,

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