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HP 18.5V 4.9A Notebook PC Power Adapter / Power Supply (5.5 x 2.5)



HP 18.5V 4.9A Notebook PC Power Adapter / Power Supply (5.5 x 2.5)

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New, replacement Movano power supply with CE, ROHS quality certificate for HP Compaq notebooks
OUTPUT values: 18.5 V, 4.9 A (90 W)
Connector size: Outer diameter 5.5 mm, Inner diameter 2.5 mm, length 12 mm
This is a suitable alternative for your non-functional, original adapter.
Movano adapters are designed for the given types of notebook and fully replace the original adapters.
The adapter is equipped with a ferrite filter and high quality protection against overvoltage, overheating, overload and puncture. The power cord is included.

Input: AC 100-240V
Output: 18.5V 4.9A
Power: 90W
Connector: Outer diameter 5.5 mm, Inner diameter 2.5 mm, length 12 mm
Protection against: overvoltage, overheating, overload and puncture

Compatible with:

Evo series

Presario series
2100, 2100AP, 2100CA, 2100LA, 2100US, 2101AP, 2101US, 2102AP, 2102EA, 2102US, 2103AP, 2103EA, 2104AP, 2105AP, 2105CA, 2105EA, 2105LA, 2106AP, 2106EA, 2106US, 2107AP, 2107EA, 2108EA, 2109EA, 2110 2110CA, 2110EA, 2110LA, 2110US, 2111AP, 2111EA, 2112AP, 2112EA, 2113AP, 2114AP, 2114EA, 2115AP, 2115EA, 2116AP, 2117AP, 2117EA, 2118AD, 2118EA, 2119EA, 2120AD, 2120AP, 2120EA, 2120LA, 2122AD, 2123 2123AP, 2124AD, 2124AP, 2125AC, 2125AD, 2125AP, 2125EA, 2126AC, 2126AD, 2126EA, 2127AC, 2127AD, 2127EA, 2128AC, 2128AD, 2128EA, 2129AD, 2129EA, 2130AC, 2130AD, 2130AP, 2130EA, 2131AC, 2131AD, 2131 2132AC, 2132RS, 2133AC, 2133AD, 2133AP, 2133EA, 2134AD, 2134EA, 2135AC, 2135AD, 2135AP, 2135CA, 2135EA, 2135US, 2136AC, 2136AD, 2136EA, 2136RSH, 2137AC, 2137AD, 2137EA, 2138AC, 2138AD, 2138EA, 2138EA 2139AD, 2140AC, 2140AD, 2140AP, 2140CA, 2140US, 2141AC, 2141AD, 2141EA, 2142EA, 2143AD, 2143AP, 2144AD, 2144EA, 2145AD, 2145AP, 2145CA, 2145EA, 2145US, 2146AD, 2146EA, 2147AD, 2147EA, 2148AD, 2148EA 2 149AD, 2149EA, 2150AP, 2150US, 2151AD, 2151EA, 2153AP, 2154AP, 2154EA, 2155, 2155EA, 2155US, 2156EA, 2158EA, 2160EA, 2161EA, 2161US, 2162EA, 2162US, 2163EA, 2164EA, 2165EA, 2166EA, 2167EA, 2169EA 2170US, 2172EA, 2173EA, 2175EA, 2175US, 2190US, 2195, 2500, 2500AP, 2500LA, 2501AL, 2502AP, 2502AT, 2503AT, 2503EA, 2504AT, 2504EU, 2505AP, 2505AT, 2505EA, 2505EU, 2505LA, 2506AT, 2506EU, 2507AT, 2507EU, 2508AT, 2508EA, 2508EU, 2509, 2509AT, 2509EU, 2510AH, 2510AI, 2510AP, 2510AT, 2510EA, 2510EU, 2510LA, 2511AH, 2511AI, 2511AT, 2511EA, 2511EU, 2512AH, 2512AI, 2512AT, 251213, 2512AT, 2512EA 2513AI, 2513AT, 2513EA, 2513EU, 2514AH, 2514AI, 2514AT, 2514EU, 2515AH, 2515AI, 2515AP, 2515AT, 2515EA, 2515EU, 2516AH, 2516AI, 2516AT, 2516EA, 2516EU, 2517AH, 2517AI, 2518EA, 2517EA 2518EU, 2519AI, 2519EA, 2519EU, 2520AH, 2520AI, 2520AP, 2520EA, 2521AH, 2521AI, 2521EA, 2521EU, 2522AH, 2522AI, 2522EU, 2523AH, 2523AI, 2523EU, 2524AH, 2524AI, 2524AP, 2524AI, 2524AP, 2524AI 2525CA, 2 525EA, 2525US, 2526AH, 2526AI, 2526EA, 2526EU, 2527AH, 2527AI, 2527EU, 2528AH, 2528AI, 2528AP, 2528AT, 2528CL, 2528EU, 2529AH, 2529AI, 2529CL, 2529EA, 2529EU, 2530AH, 2530EU, 2530EAH 2531AH, 2531AI, 2531EA, 2531EU, 2532AH, 2532AI, 2532AP, 2532EA, 2532EU, 2533AH, 2533AI, 2533EA, 2533EU, 2534AH, 2534AI, 2534EU, 2535AH, 2535AI, 2535AP, 2535EA, 2535EU, 2535H, 2535EU, 2535H 2537AI, 2537EA, 2537EU, 2538AH, 2538AI, 2538AP, 2538CL, 2538EU, 2539AH, 2539AI, 2539EA, 2540, 2540AH, 2540AI, 2540AP, 2541AH, 2541AI, 2541EA, 2541EU, 2542AH, 2542AI, 2543EA 2543EA, 2544AH, 2544AI, 2544EA, 2545AH, 2545AI, 2545AP, 2545EU, 2545US, 2546AH, 2546AI, 2546EA, 2547AH, 2547AI, 2547EA, 2548AH, 2548AI, 2548AP, 2549AH, 2549AI, 2550EA, 2549AI 2550CA, 2550EU, 2550US, 2551AH, 2551AI, 2551EU, 2552AH, 2552AI, 2552EA, 2552EU, 2553AH, 2553AI, 2554AH, 2554AI, 2554EA, 2555AH, 2555AI, 2555AP, 2555EU, 2555US, 2556AH, 2556A, 2556AH, 2556 255 8AH, 2558AI, 2558AP, 2558EA, 2558EU, 2559AH, 2559AI, 2559EU, 2560AH, 2560AI, 2560AP, ​​2560EA, 2561AH, 2561AI, 2561US, 2562AH, 2562AI, 2562AP, 2563AI, 2565AP, 2565I, 2566A 2568AP, 2568CL, 2569AI, 2569AP, 2570AI, 2570AP, 2570CA, 2570EA, 2570US, 2571AI, 2571AP, 2572AI, 2572AP, 2573AI, 2573AP, 2574AG, 2574AI, 2575AI, 2575US, 2576AG, 2576AI, 2578AG, 2576A 2578CL, 2579AG, 2579AI, 2580AG, 2580US, 2581AI, 2581US, 2582AG, 2582AI, 2583AG, 2583AI, 2584AG, 2584AI, 2585AG, 2585AI, 2585US, 2586AG, 2586AI, 2587AG, 2588AG, 2589AG, 2589AT, 2590 2591AG, 2591US, 2592AG, 2592AT, 2592US, 2593AG, 2593AT, 2593US, 2594AG, 2594US, 2595AG, 2596AG, 2596AT, 2596US, 2597AG, 2597CL, 2597US, 2598AG, 2598AT, 2598CL, 2598US, 2599AG, 2599AT, 2599US,

Business Notebook series
NX9000, NX9005, NX9008, NX9010,

Pavilion series
XT276, XT4345QV, XT512, XT5377QV, XT545, XT595, ZE4000, ZE4100, ZE4200, ZE4300, ZE4400, ZE4500.

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